T-SILOX Ltd was established in 1991 by private people.

Our company mainly specialize on producing, developing and distributing silicone products
and with advicing in application-technical, technological matters. In the course of it in
addition to offering wide range of home and import silicone products we also offer home-developed and manufactured ones in favourable price. The basis of our activity is the more than 3 decade professional-technological-commercial experience acquired in silicone industry.

During our operation we have established several market connections. Among our customers and partners we have private people, small and medium size firms and also the biggest hungarian companies. So we can welcome among our customers the GE Hungary, TVK, Henkel, KEROX, AZUR Vegyszer, MOFÉM, ContiTech, Reanal, Medikémia, Minolta, Borsodchem, EGIS, Chinoin, MB Autó, Dunapack, Kaposplast, Nivelco, Herbária companies, the biggest canning factories and also the FŐTÁV, Budapest Zoo, the Capital Gas Company and some of the country gas-supplier companies.

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